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Queer International Relational Theory Kritik

This is a Queer theory kritik that focuses on the way that gender and sexuality are encumbered within the building of nation-states, thus the way that international relations function now a days are based on states gaining legitimacy by meeting so-call global democracy standards. These standards simultaneously are pro/anti-LGBTQI. All fully loaded for 1NC and 2NC.

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This critique can be used as a great catch all for many different types of affirmatives. This K comes with sixteen different link subcategories, plus a 1NC with a generic link. With many links to international engagement at a base level, China's nation-state formation, China's marketization, Class struggles, specific engagements strategies, Feminist IR, Women's Rights, Queer visibility, "Soft Power", Security, and more. They also have a 1NC alt and alternative alts to choose from. All cards are highlighted (may choose to highlight down for personal standards), Framework block with a couple module answers (like Reformism good), Perm block with carded DA, and every card except the perm DA has an extension written. This file is ready to go for 1NC and 2NC, all you have to do is be able to extend it to the 2NR, contextualize to the aff, and answer. 

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