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Politics 1/26/17 (ACA) Obamacare DA Tillerson Update

As Rex Tillerson nears confirmation, little is left for anyone to do is expect slow down his confirmation. We here at Exodus files decided to move on to a new politics DA, the repeal of Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare. This is not a time warp that has sent you back to debating in 2010, ACA will be repealed for sure but if the GOP is not unified things could go wrong for millions.

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This file includes a Full 1NC, a 2NC overview, a full set of uniqueness cards to give you a clear picture of the happenings in congress and Trump, a number of impacts like extinction, structural violence, moral obligation and even specifically turns LGBTQ issues. The aff answer has a number of cards that prove that it will take a long time no matter what, fights are planned and that a repeal actually results in a loss of power to enact a replacement. Tillerson makes his way in at the end, we have a pessimistic UQ card for the neg that indicates that Tillerson will be facing a number of ways to slow down the nomination. However, if you have kept up with the news you know that Tillerson got the confirmation for the committee and support of multiple senators thus it is only a matter of time before Tillerson gets the full senate approval with 52 republicans.

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