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Politics Update 2-2-17 Gorsuch-ACA

This file includes a brand new politics of Neil Gorsuch being appointed to SCOTUS. This will unify all three branch under the GOP by breaking the ideological gridlock of the last year. This is also coupled with updates for the ACA DA from last week. These are the two biggest issues in Congress at the moment. This file also includes a one card topic specific DA. 

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This file has an entire 1NC for Gorsuch all the cards, including the impact card, have come from at the oldest 1/19/2017. This also come with multiple uniqueness cards that should enable you to answer 2ACs. With the potential for any number of cases to come before SCOTUS in the next couple decades, his conservative lean could lead to a laundry list of rolling back leftist policies. Affordable care act comes with updates on plan and fighting now, and strong internal links to pandemics.

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