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Politics Update 2/9/2017 Gorsuch

The long battle for the supreme court seat is just digging in, the average battle is 50 days. Gorsuch has powerful friends, but powerful enemies as well. The country is becoming wrapped up in the entire discussion. The mangling of workers rights, as well as the ever highlighted Chevron Doctrine, coming under fire on the court. 

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This includes a brand new topic link argument as well as well as the best internal links you can find. the 1NC is put together with five cards that make an excellent story about the Democrats losing the battle over Gorsuch by losing the base when the aff would avert a trade war. In a short word, the disad says Gorsuch bad because of climate change. The file also includes a trump specific executive order counter plan no links the DA. Along with the aff answers, you will need to such as Uniqueness and internal link take outs. With a 2018 election and Trump specific Winners-loses evidence this is a must have politics for China and building future files. 

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