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Rebalancing Narrative Affirmative


Master narratives are the dominant telling of political & economic happenings. The United States has propagated a narrative of military Rebalancing around the world. These types of narrative are often papers over the struggles of peoples. To create change the creation of counter-narratives is a critical resistance strategy. Orientalism & Imperialism have found support in Rebalancing narratives.

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This comes with a 1AC ready to read, followed by a variety of 2AC toolbox answers. This toolbox includes case overview, solvency extensions, answers to case turns, the state PIC (plan inclusive counterplan), popular disadvantage scenarios, Framework, and Kritiks like Afropessimism, Capitalism/Neoliberalism, and Academy/University. This file also includes case answers for the negative. This file comes with everything you need some of the most common negative positions.